Sacred Embroidery

Each piece is unique, drawing upon inspiration from prayer and meditation.  The embroidered image first begins as a cutting -- created freehand -- becoming the stencil by which the image is transferred to the silk.  Hours of hand stitching bring dimension and radiance to each design.  Embroidered sacred garments make beautiful and meaningful gifts, especially blessing newly ordained priests.    

Priest Stole --  Contemplation on the espousal of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit united with the Heart of Christ on the Cross

Priest Stole -- Contemplation on the Theology of the Body

Priest Stole --  Intertwining of the Heart of Christ on the Cross with the Auspice Maria symbol meaning "under the protection of Mary"

Collaboration with Jean-François Lesage

Design and Tailoring of Ordination Chasuble May 2012

Embroidery by Lesage House in Chennai, India